How To Avoid Nagy Girls

Have you ever felt really bored by a girl to the extent you wish you never met her in the first place? Not bored really but nagging. Am speaking about this crazy chic who assumes the wife role when she is just a friend, a kiss mate! Hehe! Lol! Well it’s even better playing the wife role but then she plays a jealousy wife’s role. So pathetic! And maybe you never wanted a serious relationship with her you just wanted to settle your libido levels! So now you wanna switch her off completely so that she forgets you, well boy am going to help but next time don’t be such selfish to use people and drop them like a tissue paper.

Let’s say the girl you wanna drop is Aziza*(just fictions, sorry if it’s your sisters name). Let’s say you screwed Aziza and now you feel her no more and you would wish she stops bothering you that is simple boy.

You see Aziza is just one of your very many girlfriends, right? After finishing this article she will be just one of your X’s, trust me.

1.Don’t Hurt Her

Hurting people along your timeline often leaves an impact on them and especially you. So here don’t just brag that you screwed her and now you are done so she should dress herself up and take her ass somewhere else, no boy. Just like the way you met her, let her leave in peace. Just fake a convincing reason why the relationship won’t work. Let her see that you have peeped into the future and saw that it won’t accommodate the two of you together. Some girls will still hold onto you even after cooking this reason, so don’t shut her up immediately, it takes time for a wound to heal be that good friend.

  1. Keep in Intervals Touch

Here I want you to say hi to her from time to time. I know of some chics who would love to call their niggaz all day long. So if she falls under this category, undergo attenuation. I mean end the touch from time to time. Like you can call her today, then next week then next four months you are programming her thinking into keeping the psychological distance. She finally feel no more of you boy! There you rae FREEEEEEE!

  1. Stop telling her Endearments

These refer to sweet honey words that birds in love sing to each other. Like bebz, sweetheart I donno those blah blaz that niggaz cheat with! Now you will have to stop this in a decreasing geometric pattern. (you see I had an A plain in Mathematics****brags***). Just stay cool nigga, she also have history of past heart breaks she will read the signs.

4.Make Her Your Friend

Of course you know of many girls who are just your friends and you feel nothing about them. Let Aziza be one of them. Just make it that way boyee don’t fail me!

These four ways are the basics that boy I have guided you with for today. Invent more and customize them for dropping and letting go that stressful niggarete in you life.

Getting married at early twenties is like leaving a night party at 8pm! You got that!!? Hope my girls are also taking note!


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