Why I Won’t Have A Campus Girlfriend Now

Re read the title. What I don’t want to imply here is that every campus chic is a spoilt a brut but just a personal opinion. The only woman I used to trust is mum but then I found out she has lied to me enough in the name of motivation. She successful convinced me that pretty, cute and brainy women are found in Campus. So throughout my elementary primary level I have worked hard to just come to this place to hook myself to this wife material. Well, this is my 5th semester (3rd Year) in session and what I have been able to meet are Wi-Fi Materials.

As Am staring through my window pane seeing those cuties passing by my room with scanty thighs duly exposed like Kanyari’s filth miracles! Am trying to imagine the likely hoods these kids could have been born and brought up in. I have an idea! These were once good church-going, choir-singing girls but now freedom has eroded morals.

Dudes in the other hand are experimenting with every pot hole. In high school, the movies I watched portrayed campus niggaz as gentlemen. In real sense, it’s a bunch of clueless idiots! Men are struggling to have their names in the Forbes Top 30 list of successful People below 30years while they are busy screwing up a list of 30 nigarettes in 30 days! I have refused to join this suicidal bandwagon based on my own capacitance.

Campus ladies need your attention: Based on my former article, I said getting married at early twenties is like leaving a night party at 8pm. How dare you? The same way if you have this demanding chic who needs most of your time, attention and resources, flee! This is time to establish a foundation, it’s not a time to sit down and stare at a cute spoilt kid reciting how beautiful she is. Yes, she is cute but how will she help you? Apart from the hot anatomy penetrations, there is nothing else useful. The algorithm is simple; Instead of making more women, make money first, then women will run for the money in your pocket!

Most campus ladies got no love! Apologies though cause niggaz too aren’t loyal! Hope that balances, so remain zipped up. Most relationships make use of the Bluetooth technology, you pair devices, transfer the file (****file refers to the niggaz spermatozoa***) then close Bluetooth and move on to other devices. That is It, got it?

You need money boyee to take care of a Divas expenses! I think diva refers to those chics who have diverted from being the traditional obedient girl who were submissive to man. Man got too much ego, so now say hi to generation diva chics. We have some in our campus. They have fake everything, from the horses hair in the head, vampires lipstick to the plastic nails! Unfortunately I prefer nature having our rural garden back at Kenya’s south Coast located between two escarpments, (Danjaly Dam***Durumatised) that explains why I love it when a person gets natural. A little make up is enough though.

These chics got fake accent, fake past, fake style, fake everything. They can even fake orgasm, ooouch! **trust me! But mostly the fake hair, they can easily get away with a murder case, for if hair is found in the scene of crime, forensic investigations would retrace it to a horse in Mexico!!!

If however you found the right one, stick to that niggar especially now that #ValentinesDay is some days away. At least you are assured of free sex during the eve of valentine!! In case my Sunday school teacher gets to read up to this line, I have apologized in advance.


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