My Take on Love, Teen Sex and Relationship

Do you remember the first time you had sex? Well, in case you have never had then it’s you I wanted to talk to, please allow me. My parents have always avoided the subject of love, sex and relationship while nurturing me to be the big successful son they have always dreamt of. Just like the large percentage of teens I had to learn it the hard way. Just like you, I also had first love. Do you remember that special person? Or maybe you never knew that they were special but you just felt like you will live together eternally in a God fearing relationship, have kids and probably huge future. I am a lover of fork music of late thanks to Passenger for his Let Her go single, at least I can give you an example that you relate to. What happened to your first love? Everything is vanity! I am still reasoning like a teen, just at the age of 22 and I can tell you what Solomon of the Bible said in his older age; everything is vanity. I am getting back to my backbone opinions but in this article I will talk about teen sex more than love and relationships. This is because you already assume that you know a lot of staffs on love and relationships. The other time I was $hocked when I tried to make a study on *Veronica, a 15 year old promising girl in our Mombasa home neighborhood in the Coast of Kenya. At just the age of 15, Vero told me that she does not believe in relationships. At least I am aware that this state of disbelief in the whole concept of love and relationships is brought by serial heartbreaks that you had trust on people you loved but betrayed you. What left me shocked is when did this fifteen year old had relationship to come up with this thesis? That is a topic for another day. Back to sex, the major reason why our parents avoid this topic is due to its sacredness. You see your dad or mum scares off to tell you, more so, they can’t tell the best time to do so. Most are the times that we have been left to wander about the whole thing, googling, searching and grasping irrelevant knowledge that damages and harms us. I remember coming across an article suggesting why sex is good for health! You can just imagine how a 13 year adolescent would feel excited reading such a post! This is the world we have grown to, instead of advising kids on abstinence and living them to decide through strict parental vigilance, the President is initiating the #CondomsForKids project. My opinions are purely based on Christianity (after being brought up in a Christian home, rebelling and coming in terms with the Perfectness in Christ). I wish you would reason with me. Sex was there, it’s there and it will be there because it was given to us by God. Being a teenager is the best feeling in our lifetime. At least we have all the chances to change our lives. On your early twenties today, and maybe the good God gives you 80 years and above on earth, this just means you have not lived three quarters of your life. Sex takes costs a fraction of your lifeline everytime it’s performed. I have no evidence to prove this; some concepts would be explained best in faith. Teens in sexual practice waste themselves in so many ways. There is a sweet feeling of joy and peace that you only experience it in Christianity, in a worship state. Teens sex have never satisfied anyone, in fact once started it burns more and more. I suggest that you read the book of Song of Songs immediately after this article. Sorry, I have to exit this writing for today but my opinion stands; I believe in the existence of true love, ideal and healthy relationship and discourage pre-marital sex. That spins around my opinion and my convictions. If you have been kept by the Lord until these times then you are in the right path, He is seeing all your sacrifices. Listen from Him and be convicted of the Spirit!


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