How to Get A Practical Attachment in your Dream Organization

It is a hectic process searching for an organization where you can do your attachment or internship. Attachment is where a student or a learner from a college, University or any institution of higher learning is put into the actual field he or she is specializing for assessment purposes. It also familiarizes you on the trend on the field of your career in the actual world. Some institutions take it their duty to place their students into the best organizations that they think their students will deliver best and learn. However, most of the institutions offer the learner with an introductory recommendation letter only that is expected to help them hunt for an organization. In our department (Information Technology) the later method was used where we were required to find attachment on our own, it is a hectic process, I passed through it too. I was stranded at first but then I laid down procedures which saw me attached to one of the Government’s paristatal for 3 months. Most of my friends are currently on their third years of study and are also worried about where they will get attached, that is why am sharing this article, it can help you.

First, remember you are a student. Your main aim here is to find somewhere where you can learn new staffs or given an opportunity to practice what you learnt in Class. So don’t get overexcited and apply for huge organizations. The probability is that they will not even have a look at your applications or once you are in, you won’t learn a lot compared to someone who went to a start from scratch organization. Make your choices right; search for companies that relate to your courses and the city that you would like to be. For instance if I do a bachelor of Science in Informatics and I would like to be attached in Mombasa then in Google I would type, “Informatics Companies in Mombasa”. Trust me, there are no exactly informatics companies in Mombasa but then close search results will pop out. Go on; note the addresses down both the postal address and the Human resource email. You can then email the scanned documents to the HR email e.g. for Kenya ports Authority. On addition send the hardcopies to the postal addresses. Analyze at least 5 companies that you would like to be attached then send both softcopy and hard copies. If you know anyone in those organizations you can make a personal follow up. To avoid inconvenience, you should do this the beginning of the last semester to attachment. Note that some companies are likely to reply to your letters via the school address therefore you will have enough time since you will be still in session. Wait for feedback! Also important include your contact details like mobile numbers, as for me I was given a call!

As the semester is progressing, you will receive feedbacks. However this is not a guarantee there are so many attachment requests in Reputable organization in a given month out there. You are not any special either; you need Communication Skills to stand out from your equals. Thanks to my lazy lecturer Mr. Changorok who taught me this course when I was a tiny freshman. Well, if you will be among the unlucky to have not received any feedback until semester end, the University gives you a month after the semester has ended to still look for attachment. Do this, have faith, walk from office to office while at home, drop your documents, talk to the HR manager, be courageous. Just the third week, you will be called in a place. If you won’t have secured any place even by then, please you need Jesus. Honestly you need to get saved and accept Jesus as your personal Savior.

Remember the earlier you start the process the better. Hope you found this article helpful! All the best! Wait! One more thing; take care while in that Company of your choice. Remember your conduct counts, how you dress and how you get along well with the others. After all, those people you saw there are on the payroll and you are not. Lastly, do me a favor while there; don’t have sex with anyone! You did not apply for Fornication Attachment!


About the Writer:

Samuel Mwanyasi or rather known as Sammy Grassy among his peers is a 3rd year student doing B.Sc. Informatics in Moi University main Campus with a great expertise in Information technology and Consultancy. He is planning to specialize in Software Engineering & Networking. He is a Child of God!! Saved Soul! At just 22 years he has been attached in three major Companies, he is also the Public Relations Officer of Unilight Media, A registered IT solutions Company, being run by a group of kids on their early twenties. He is also a Boyfriend, dating his own dreams! hehe

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