Broken Families at the Recovery Center

Broken Families at the Recovery Center

When do we say someone is successful? Exactly! Two weeks back I used to define success the way you have just thought-making a lot of money, wealthy-living in a large apartment, driving fancy cars getting married to the cutest person remaining in the planet, leading a cute career life and maybe having a peaceful family comes last. You will be surprised!

Earlier this month, I visited a recovery center located in one of the coolest towns in Kenya-Eldoret. It was a brethren’s tour from the Department of Information Sciences in our Campus, a social responsibility to the society. At first I had no idea of the place we were visiting, it had been organized as visiting a children’s home and I was quick to register cause I really love kids especially orphans. Not that I have a huge heart of helping, I just admire tapping their innocence. They also motivate me, a child who never had a chance to call mama or papa, never had a chance to play with them or even being punished by them yet self-motivated to see life the way everyone sees it! However, it turned out that the place of Visit was a recovery center for grown-ups. If it was an orphanage I could not be sharing my experience here but the turn of events really taught me something new.

As it turned out, our bus made its way to Haven Recovery Center. There were no kids, only shaky women and men who at first impression you could tell they were ‘high on something’. Surprisingly, everyone seemed to having been expecting us. Everyone was mesmerized or is it perplexed? Those wrinkles of confusion you can trace on someone’s face. It was a cool environment though, the dotted building and the compound too. A skinny young man with red eyes showed us to a place where we were to be familiarized with the objectives of the Center. We were to learn later that the young man was George. He was recovering from addiction of an array of alcohols and related hard drugs. Ooh! So this is a Recovery Center for drug addicts!?

From the conference room where we were briefed on the achievements and also challenges of the Center, I could see people who could be described with one word or two words maybe; successful in life. People of high caliber, of course you can always tell from the fat pot belly. They were dazzling around, chatting; trying to forget what was to be the past. The addiction life they had lived, I was estimating the number of broken families as a result based on the people I saw around. I was beginning to see life from another perspective. Later we were released in groups of three to have one on one chat with them. This is where the story begins, I need to share.

We were a group of three, Sharon, a second sister whose name has sublimed and me. In our talk, we were to incorporate the Gospel, that Jesus died for human kind, fornicators, adulterers, drunkards, murderers and those who-is-who in the sinning world and that He is ready to receive them, forgive them, sanctify them and save them. That was the only way of challenging a 40 year former- millionaire-turn-addict; otherwise our two decades life experience was nothing to showcase maturity.

We bumped into two dudes. One was to be Abdu and the other Kosgey. We shared. Abdu had travelled globally, made thousands business deals and succeeded. He was a husband to two beautiful women in the Kenya’s Capital City-Nairobi. What made him come to the Rehab was Khat locally known as Miraa chewing. Like seriously? Miraa? This is a simple chewing plant that keeps people awake as a result Abdu had not had sleep for a whole week. Now that calls for death. He had no appetite at all and that is why he admitted himself to the Center. He had kept a distance from his wives; Miraa chewing interferes with the male performance in case you had started just quit! On the other end our good friend Kosgey, was around 30 something years but he hadn’t secured a wife and a family. Honestly?  At a time when my brother Amos want to marry at 23! My brotherly advice to those of us still growing, let us not lose the focus!

Our second discussion was with an Engineer; again I am with holding his name. Very successful Youngman but alcohol had overhauled his career. He had sold his assets just to secure a night at a drinking spree. What touched my heart is how he told us that you can be successful in everything but if you have not mastered your own life then you are doomed. He was inspirational!

As we gathered to conclude I was privileged to shake hands with Magistrate, A Japan-Trained nurse, very cute decent lady, also in my handshake list was a KDF Soldier who made a joke that next time he will be headed to Somalia for war he will leave a Sperm-Bank for his wife coz he is not sure he will be back, maybe this is why he got into drinking. I also had chat with government officials who were also recovering from Cocaine, okay, did I say Cocaine? Yes!

As I conclude I can’t forget to mention my friend Swaleh who happened to be from the Coastal Cocaine infested City of Mombasa, my hometown. Brenda also had dropped out of University to curb the alcoholism and another engineering student dude from a three star Kenyan University. The list is long but all of them inspired me in their weaknesses! We prayed with them and at least two gave their life to Jesus.

As we were riding back to Campus I was looking through the bus window pane seated next to Emily, the green view of Eldoret town running behind us. I made a prayer silently, that someday I will make a great husband out of my youthful adventure. If that happens, how I pray that I will be only addicted to my lovely wife!




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