Words of An Ex-Flame

By: Aileen Atieno

So while hovering online on the social sites I came across this heart-break poem by my favorite BAE-Aileen Atieno. I could almost feel it in my heart as I read through it. Am used to sharing good staffs-So here we go:

I hope that your next lover chokes to death when she laughs at a meal you reserved for the two of you
I hope that the next bullet that will kill someone will be the one flying through her head and you watch her die a cold death and it hurts you more.
I hope that if she ever gets to the ICU, you will get to see her death every minute as the bleeding eats more into her
I hope you get to see her death, I hope you hurt hard enough,
I hope you cry more than you can bear

I hope that when the two of you walk into sunsets telling love stories to each other,
One of you gets run over by a car
I hope the beauty of the sunset never meets your eye that you turn blind and never get to see it
I hope you go deaf and you go dumb that the beauty of sweet vibes never comes out of you again.
I hope that leukemia hits you and your hair falls off
I hope you grow old and ugly
I hope you grow bald and grumpy
I hope for everything bad to happen to you.
I hope you go blind.

I hope your heart grows holes
I hope you get to need a blood transfusion and never get it done
That you pain on your bed and cry every night
I hope you get depressed and miserable
Close to death, you could die, I want to care less
I hope that the day you’ll die I’ll be there to watch your face
I hope the pale you grow into will be deep, dark and blue
That you never feel attraction by its name anymore
That people get to despise your death and forget your grave
Forget you died and forget you ever lived
Forget every memory they stored of you.

I hope you never live to see goodness forehand again
Because I wish nothing but the worst for you.
And if I die before watching you die,
I hope my wishes will rest my hearts.
Because I am an ex flame, it’s what I should always wish for.


Aileen Atieno is a third year student in Moi University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Media Science. She is a great presenter, communicator and a show host. If you don’t spot her skating you will probably hear her doing what she does best in 103.9 MU FM (Eldoret, Kenya).


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