Why Your C.V might not be Helpful in Your Career

I have not been posting articles for months now. To compensate for all that silence, here is a three-minute read post that will make you the crème de la crème and more networked in your career. Organizations, Companies and investors will come looking for you. Today, I will show you why having just your 3-paged hard copy Curriculum Vitae isn’t enough bait for fishing jobs.

First and foremost, lexical analysis shows that papers cannot give any person a job. It does not matter, whether it’s a Certificate, Diploma, Degree, Masters or even a Doctorate. The only thing that your papers can give you is an Interview. When you apply for any advertised job, even if your papers are way past the requirements still you won’t be given the job on a silver plate. There has to be an Interview. The main objective for interviewing you is for the panel to have a hint of your character and experience on that field of the job. Just that! So your papers will only give you an interview but it is your character to give you the job.

Talking of character, the society has evolved into living online. More times than often we’ve judged people based on their posts on Facebook, twitter, or images on Instagram, so do employers. There are communities of almost all fields of careers and people online. For example, if you are reading this post let’s say from an Infinix Smart phone, there is a Community of Infinix users online, tecno users, Samsung users and all other brands. You too belong to a certain online community and they really miss you there.

What’s your Career? Whatever it is, there is a Community of your career mates online, have you joined them? For some it could be a whole website, a web page or for others just a thread in a web page. Employers nowadays seek experts online using these recruiting tools. Maybe that’s why your peers are getting employed while your full time job have been clicking ‘like’ and commenting on every post on Facebook. I will guide you on sites to join in order to optimize your career experience. Sometimes online community members recommend each other to employers and that’s why having just your C.V might not be helpful in your Career. You need to build a network, be connected. Below is how you should.

  • LinkedIn is a professional-site that accommodates all people of walks of life. Open a Professional account in Linkedn. Instead of having 1000+ friends on facebook who won’t even like your status, have a professional account in linkedin and start creating connections! Update all your profile details.
  • On Twitter , follow all the bigwigs’ tweeps that are pioneering your field. For example if I were a Political Scientist I would follow @MutahiNgunyi (A renowned Kenyan Political Analyst). This way I will always get firsthand information and opinions from the horse’s mouth. You should also follow me , *winks!
  • There are also recruiting sites. Identify them and open accounts there. For example Team IQ lets potential employers meet employees. Instead of being active in almost all social sites you should register your presence in such places. You might surprise your peers by securing a job abroad!
  • There are special iteractive sites that let people share ideas about a common project in their career. For example last week I missed a Chance to be sponsored for a young Computer Scientists conference abroad for lacking a Github account! I have since then opened one. Github is a sea of Computer Programmers where we share codes, if you claim to be a guru, you should be on Github!

Lastly, work on your character in every post you make or share. Engage your brains before typing anything online, even if its a loose chat with your crush girl. Conversation screen shots kill a career more rapidly than a corruption scandal! All your online  accounts are interconnected in such a way that your email address can lead to all of them. It’s not prudent that the first time a person accesses your online profile gets treated with nude photos.


“What might be Indecent Selfies by Some Potential Employers”

Courtesy: Tipher Montanna on Instagram


Follow every sentence that I have typed in this post, you will be surprised some one might hit your inbox with a job offer! That way it would not be your Curriculum vitae but your online Presence. All the Best!



  1. Whatever you’ve said is true…
    Is there a way of linking any one of passionate interest to a promising online employer or something!?


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