5 Ways a Broke Dude Can Do To Keep a Classy Girlfriend

We all probably heard of Dinosaurs, but they were extinct long before we were born.  Then we heard of Romeo and Juliet fairy tales, a blueprint of how a genuine relationship should look like, but again it became extinct a few years into our experience. Nowadays, it’s rare to find a lady who cares what drives you; they only care what you drive. But Jennifer Lopez once had a hit song with a tagline of, “Even if you’re Broke, My Love don’t cost anything!”  So Here, I listed five ways you can do to keep your classy chic stick by your brokenness. In case you want to thank me later follow me on twitter @itsMwanyasi254

  1. Accept the Fact that You are Broke

Acceptance, this is the foundation of anything to success. Accept that you’re broke, dude. For God’s sake how do you expect people to accept you if you have failed to? Most young men fall victim to the phrase, “fake it till you make it!” This phrase will enslave you to lies. You will have to go through lies every now and then to cover up for why you can’t do this and that. It will be very tedious to be a consistent liar especially if you grew up undergoing consistent Sunday school classes like me. Hehe, Just be real Man! Trust me; it will save you a great deal of time and peace of mind.

  1. Be Creative enough to keep on surprising her each day

So you have accepted that you’re broke and you think that is it? No, let us not nullify the fact that you need finance to keep a fine ass. You have to be creative enough to make her see the sense in Selena Gomez’s “the Heart wants what it wants”.  I’m presuming you’re broke coz you are jobless or in an underpaid one. All the same since you are jobless, making her feel unique should be your full time job. Ladies love attention or at least I know of someone who does!

Involve her in activities that are clearly aimed at installing memories of your quality moments. You can take a picnic to the forest camp, surely that is not as expensive as some of the City hang outs. Another hint, why not visit an orphanage with her and share your meager lunch with at least 3 orphans? Or, you can scare the unfaithfulness out of her by visiting full blown AIDS patients at the County Referral Hospital? Sure! You should thank me later. Hehehe, [I can’t see emoji keys on my keyboard]



Take Her to Forest Picnic. Courtesy: @luo_mamacita

  1. Choose her over your friends

Having attracted a classy chic in the first place translates that you have good looks, sharp and confident. That is the spirit boy! Trust me; you still got a million female admirers out there. As my pal Isaac Kai puts it, “In every ideal relationship, there is always a third person who is eagerly waiting for a break up so that they come in”. Just chose to remain with your chic. Not in that sense, make her believe that she is the center of your all attention; don’t flirt about her girlfriends consistently. Make her believe, wait, I thought Denyque did a song about ‘Make me Believe’. That is it, make her believe.

  1. Delegate the Begging

This is one boring part. I told you to make her believe, not begging. Man up! I am that one dude who won’t kneel down to make a marriage proposal, me??? Mijikendans of South Coast, Kenya know how to treat their women and begging is not inclusive in the package. Be gentle, ask things with gentleness. Be composed. Umeniskia? Begging makes you look selfish and concerned about you, you and yourself. Use logical statements that suggest that what you’re asking will be best for all of you. Like, “I thought we could stroll to the beach on Friday Evening, what do you think my watermelon?”

My roommate Geoffrey Muturi argues that completing statements with rhetoric questions is a Philosophical approach of invoking the person into a series of thinking. He is a Political Science finalist, he can turn you into anything, including a terribly sycophant and that is the power of words- No begging.

  1. Ensure that you share with her your dreams and that she is part of it.

This is a long term strategy. No woman, at least not on earth, would opt to get married to a broke dude. Forget about tall, dark and handsome generic theory. That manual is no longer in use.  The main criterion is stability. All ladies want to settle for a man who is stable, stable and stable. So the moment she turns 23 and you’re still holding onto the boyish “make her believe” staff, boy, you are in for the hugest heartbreak in the history of break ups.

So what is the Secret? Share with her your dreams and more inportantly if you are of the same faith, pray together. Tell her about your future plans go ahead and brag how you will be the CEO of your own Company. Let her see that she will be @MadamBossLady. Just make sure that these are not empty words, and if they are, she will definitely see the lies in your truth. Start accomplishing the smaller promises you made to her.  If you can’t keep a promise, fail to promise in the first place. So you promised her a Birthday gift and she is all confused tryna figuring out what a broke dude can buy for her! Then finally you show up with a huge white teddy bear and give it a name that is close to yours. I would call it Yummy, to rhyme with my name, Sammy. Then I call every night top ask, “How is Yummy Doing?” #BrokeDudesManenoz

I’ve to go now or at least switch to another task. However, if you are a keen reader you will notice that the suggestions I gave you above follow the letters ABCDE, -So easy to follow.

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Make Her feel Like Part of your Dreams @KlensPhotography


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