Getting into Safaricom Employment, Internship and Attachment Opportunities-iRecruitment Process

Safaricom Limited is the biggest Tele-Communication Company in East and Central Africa. It delights having over 25.1 million subscribers, providing over 200,000 touch points for its customers and offering over 100 different products under its portfolio. The company provides voice, data, financial services and enterprise solutions for a range of subscribers, small businesses and government, using a variety of platforms.


I’m done with the introduction. You should have noticed that Safaricom is really huge. With more than three Headquarters in Nairobi alone employing over 5000 well paid employees and other 6 regions making it to the list of your ideal places for career growth ranging from Engineering fields, Business related, Information Technology to Human Resource and many more.

Safaricom being an International employer, embraces an iRecruitment process that nullifies canvassing (having direct contact with internal staff responsible for the process). In this article, I have outlined how I went through the whole process successfully bit by bit so as to guide those people who believe Safaricom is where they belong. Whether it’s Safaricom Internship, Employment or Attachment opportunities the process is the same.

Note that this is the standard iRecruitment process for all major companies in the world. When there is a vacancy, it will first be advertised online in their career portal. It will specify on the position and the skills and qualifications requirements. You will have to create an account with their portal first if you don’t have one for you to submit your application. Be keen, where there are very many applications elimination could start at this stage. Once you create your account, go ahead and show some seriousness by updating your details like personal info, contacts, educational background and any other qualification or outstanding skills. You will then upload a pdf format document of your Curriculum Vitae for summary. iRecruiter system will notify you via email that it has received your application on submission.

If they review your application and approve it as potential, iRecruiter will notify you that your application status have changed into “Written Assessment”. This means that you will be emailed by a human staff with details about when and where you will sit for a written examination. All those candidates selected from the submissions will be summoned to sit for a written exam in one of the Safaricom Headquarters. Good news is that the exam is extremely easy! It could be a 40 minutes multiple choices paper or a comprehensive exams 3 hour paper. Either way, Here are the tips; know your field very well. Do your research. Prepare yourself psychologically. Try googling for “Sample Interview Questions in [Insert your filed domain here]” and go through all top search results. Nataka uive kabisa yako yote. There is no substitute to hard work!

Following the written assessment that you will do, you will then be notified within a week if you passed and you will be invited for a second Oratory Interview. If you fail the written assessment, there will be no feedback! Let’s assume you will pass, you will still have a long way to go. You proved to be competent on paper, now they will have to see you in person. You better prepare again. How? All they want to see is your character. If you’re courageous enough, a team player, problem solving skills and the staff. They want to see your personal achievements rather than your Academic staffs and previous Work profile. What have you done?? Good news, the Interview panel could be three to five people. Sure, don’t fail me.

If you get through the Oratory interview let me be the first to congratulate you! However, you still have things to do to get into Safaricom Limited. It’s called validation. They will send you an email with an attached consent letter requesting for supporting documents. These will include;

  1.  An updated CV (that reflects you to the position) with at three referees who can be contacted and send back recommendations about you.
  2. A scanned Certificate of Good Conduct from the Criminal Investigations Department.
  3. A scanned copy of a Certificate of Clearance from the CRB– Credit Reference Bureau.
  4. A copy of your national ID or passport (and a work permit for non-Kenyans)
  5. Scanned Copies of University Certificate. (You can attach transcripts for ongoing students)
  6. Recommendation from the University or (from previous employer for working persons)
  7. Sign the consent letter they mailed you and scan it back.

The consent letter is to give them legal permission to conduct a background check behind your back. They will call and mail your referees asking about you and requesting them to write a recommendation. Two of your three referees must be professionals within the same field you are in. They will validate a document after a document. This process can take a week or two. In extreme competitive environment, you can be dropped if you have a criminal record, CRB Debt or your referees are unreachable or give negative feedback.

If you make it through to this point, Congratulations. You are now part of the Safaricom Limited team! You will be mailed with an introductory letter to affirm the same so that you process your NHIF card plus the date you are supposed to report. On arrival you will officially sign the appointment letter and other organizational policy documents. So much excitement, huh? You still have a lot of documents to sign. Your Staff identification Card will be processed plus an access card to swipe through access points and an Induction month will be underway to absorb you fully into the bigger Safaricom Culture! Karibu Nyumabani! Home is where you belong.

Disclaimer: This article serves as an Insight into how iRecruitment process flows and is for educative purposes only. I therefore DO NOT claim to have links or to conduct this process on behalf of the Organization on the case study.

For any clarifications or queries comment in the section below. You think I’m worthy a follow? Okay, Follow me on Twitter and Instagram at @itsMwanyasi254



  1. went through the process and scanned the required documents for background check but it is a month now i haven’t hard any from them are there still hopes ….


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